30 Jun 2014

Yeay...the Ramadhan is coming.

Do those sentences really shows how excited i am??
Well...i hope it was.

Happy Ramadhan, moslem arround the world.
Thanks Rabb to let me meet this pretty Ramadhan. Even without my youngest sister arround.
But there always a compliment for every losing. Him.
I wish he also can be the compliment of her, forever. Amin.

26 Jun 2014

hati kertas lipat (??)

Katanya bukan waktu yang menyembuhkan luka.
Tapi kita yang sudah siap untuk memaafkan.

Kata saya: waktu membantu kita untuk memaafkan.
Tapi luka itu tetap saja seperti kertas baru yang sudah terlipat.
Seringkali masih otomatis terlipat ke arah yang sama walaupun kita mencoba keras untuk meluruskannya.

Kertas putih yang terlipat

19 Jun 2014

Yeah...i did it again. Different-ages-relationship will always create a problem. A or two or three or.....yeah, sometimes you (actually) don't wan't to count it.

But somehow, no matter the kind of the relationship, people actually will teach you many things. MANY things. Except one, how to reach your dream. No matter how detail you tell them about your dream, they can never see the same (view of) star from different eyes.

Guess what?? However i love this different-ages-relationship. Isn't it, darl??


afternoon dreamer